Report Bear Activity

Reasons to report a bear sighting:

  1. Presence on Busy Trails: Bears spotted on popular hiking or biking trails can pose a safety risk to the public.

  2. Hanging Out in the Garden: Bears attracted to gardens may pose a risk to pets and people and could return frequently if not deterred.
    Please note that if a bear is asleep in your tree, leave them alone.  There is no need to report unless they are there for more than a few days.

  3. Destroying Property: Bears that have damaged property (fences, sheds, etc.) may become repeat offenders and pose ongoing threats.

  4. Entering Homes: Bears entering homes pose an immediate danger to inhabitants and need to be managed promptly.

  5. Frequenting Campsites or Picnic Areas: Bears in these areas can lead to dangerous encounters with humans.

  6. Showing Aggressive Behavior: Any signs of aggression towards people or pets should be reported immediately.

  7. Accessing Trash Bins Regularly: Bears that have learned to access garbage may become habituated to human food sources.

  8. Hanging Out in Town or Residential Areas: Sightings in heavily populated areas can lead to increased bear-human interactions and potential safety issues.

  9. Injured or Sick Bears: Reporting these bears can help wildlife officials respond appropriately and provide assistance if necessary.

  10. Orphaned Cubs: Lone cubs may require intervention by wildlife authorities for their survival.
    Please do not go near the cubs, as their mother could be nearby.