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Bear-Resistant Containers (BRC)

We have the following Bear-Resistant Containers (BRC) available for FREE for families in need: Kodiak KP95-HDLL fully automated trash cans (IGBC) Toter Bear Tough 96 gal trash cans (IGBC) If you would like to purchase a BRC, subsidize some for those that cannot afford them, or simply learn more then please use the contact form […]


D-Straps deter bears by retrofitting trashcans and are a great first step toward convincing bears to move along. These straps are designed to discourage bears by denying easy access to food. This reduces the likelihood of bears becoming habituated and increases the likelihood they will move on in search of natural foods. Bear straps are […]

Electrified Bear-Deterrent Mat

We offer electrified bear-deterrent mats on a loaner basis (or for sale), a 2′ by 4′ on rubber matting, and about 1/2 inch thick, weighing approximately 20-30 pounds.   Electrified mats are easy to install. You just have to put the electric wire onto the energizer (very easy, just put the rings over the posts), plug […]

Blaster Siren

Previous Next The Blaster Siren is a rechargeable personal audio deterrent that is an excellent alternative to traditional air horns. The siren produces 122dB of sound which is ideal for deterring wildlife. Excellent for job sites, outdoor enthusiasts, and property owners. The device is water resistant and includes a strap for easy accessibility. The siren […]

Bear Straps

We offer bear straps to retrofit your existing trashcan into a bear-resistant one! We will retrofit your existing trash cans with bear resistant straps or we can send you a kit to do it yourself.