Feed Birds — NOT Bears

It is easy to invite birds to your garden without attracting bears.   Birds are attracted by natural food, shelter, water and safe nesting sites.  Native plants and flowers are proven food and shelter sources for birds.  Better still, native plants will attract more bird species to your yard and are more likely to thrive than […]

Out on a Limb, by Benjamin Kilham

What Black Bears Have Taught Me about Intelligence and Intuition Hardcover Forward by Temple Grandin In Out on a Limb, Ben Kilham invites us into the world he has come to know best: the world of black bears.  For decades, Kilham has studied wild black bears in a vast tract of Northern New Hampshire woodlands. […]

Talking with Bears, by G.A. Bradshaw

Conversations with Charlie Russell   Since white settlement of North America, Grizzly Bears have been feared as unpredictable, dangerous misfits. This image has led to their near extinction.  Now, formerly a stronghold for trophy hunting, British Columbia banned Grizzly hunting and established the first Grizzly Bear wilderness sanctuary.

One of Us, by Barrie K Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert’s fascination with grizzly bears almost got him killed in Yellowstone National Park. He recovered, returned to fieldwork and devoted the next several decades to understanding and protecting these often-maligned giants. 

Bear Straps

We offer bear straps to retrofit your existing trashcan into a bear-resistant one! We will retrofit your existing trash cans with bear resistant straps or we can send you a kit to do it yourself.

Town of Snowmass Village – Wildlife Protection Plan

Chapter 7, Article VI – Ordinance 99-04 In effect annually from April 15 – November 15 Wildlife Protection Sec. 7-151. Definitions. (1) Wildlife means any medium to large size non-domestic mammal indigenous to the Town of Snowmass Village including but not limited to, black bear, mule deer, elk, raccoon, coyote, beaver, skunk, badger, bobcat, mountain […]

The Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation

The Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation in rural Garfield County is a local bear and wildlife rehabilitation center. They primarily support Garfield, Mesa, Pitkin, Eagle, and Rio Blanco counties,but also take in wildlife from all over the state for care and rehabilitation.     Make a Donation

Watch the Bear: A Half Century with the Brown Bears of Alaska, by Derek Stonorov

Derek Stonorov has spent the better part of fifty years watching brown bears as a research scientist and guide in some of Alaska’s most beautiful wild places. As a dyslexic kid who was more interested in hunting and cars than academics, he managed to collect objective data as well as make observations and insights about […]

Bear and Human, by Dr. Oliver Grimm

Facets of a Multi-Layered Relationship from Past to Recent Times, with Emphasis on Northern Europe Edited by Oliver Grimm Bears have, throughout human history, been admired and feared by humans in equal measure, with an interrelationship between the two species identifiable from pre-modern times through a wealth of material items, as well as from cult […]

What the Bears Know, By Steve Searles and Chris Erskine

How I Found Truth and Magic in America’s Most Misunderstood Creatures―A Memoir by Animal Planet’s “The Bear Whisperer” The incredible story of how one man went from a hired hunter to becoming one of America’s top champions for this iconic animal. In this wondrous and eye-opening exploration, Steve Searles, the renowned and respected “Bear Whisperer” […]