Save me

Protecting lives of black bears by working on proactive measures to prevent and reduce negative bear-human conflicts. Implementing innovative ways and solutions to get the public more engaged to coexist peacefully with our beautiful black bears. Since we have the privilege to live in prime black bear habitat, it is up to us to fundamentally change our behavior towards bears and how to keep them from coming into town.

By working alongside with CPW on “Bear-Aware” programs, connecting community and partnering with cities, towns, municipalities are of key importance.

Since 2019 RFVBC is giving out educational “Bear Awareness” materials such as door hangers, big stickers for trash cans and offers retro-fitting kits for making existing trash cans bear resistant, with the exclusive collaboration of BSA Aspen Troop 201.

One of the boy scouts made it his Eagle Scouts project in 2019 and 2020 crafting straps and retrofit them on trash cans. We have retro-fitted over 200 trash cans into bear resistant ones for communities in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Help us keep bears wild and out of town.

Saving Bears One Trash Can At A Time


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