Living With Bears Handbook, by Linda Masterson

Living with Bears has been the ultimate guidebook to living smart, staying safe and sharing space with bears for more than a decade. The revised and expanded 2nd edition, Living with Bears Handbook, has been fully updated and is easier to use than ever.


It’s packed with practical information, useful tips, inspiring success stories and advice from bear and people experts from all over the continent. This book is designed to be read, post-it noted and put to work. If you’re only going to read one bear book, this is it. If you’ve read 300 bears books, you need to read one more.

Recommended by the National Wildlife Federation, International Association for Bear Research and Management, wildlife managers and experts throughout North America.

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Author Bio

Author and researcher Linda Masterson has been motivating people to peacefully coexist with bears since she joined the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Bear Aware team in 2001. Living with Bears Handbook, first published in 2005, completely revised in 2016 and updated in 2021, has become the bear resource and reference book of choice for wildlife professionals, parks, forests, communities and people everywhere trying to do a better job of getting along with their furry neighbors.

Linda is a member of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA). She’s been a featured presenter and member of the organizing committee for the Human-Bear Conflicts Workshops and works with bear biologists and state wildlife agencies on the BearWise program, which is focused on preventing human-bear conflicts.

Linda loves the outdoors and has explored hundreds of parks and forests in the U.S. and Canada. She’s a partner in marketing and communications firm Masterson & Phillips and has traded mountain living for Florida’s southern Gulf Coast. Her award-winning work has appeared in the New York Times Sunday magazine, Animal Kingdom, National Wildlife’s Ranger Rick magazine, New Pioneer, Log Home Living and many others.

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