Living with Bears – Brochures by CPW

Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bea​r Country
Colorado is fortunate to have Linda Masterson, author of Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bear Country as one of our Bear Aware team volunteers. Please visit site​ for more information about this book and how to live responsibly in bear country.

Living with Bears Brochure (pdf)
Learn how to co-exist with bears safely.

Camping and Hiking in Bear Country
Tips from CPW for safe outdoor recreation in bear country, and what to do if you encounter a bear.

​​Keep Bears Wild Pledge (pdf)
You will need to copy the signed form, or print two copies, so you will have one to mail in after you have reviewed and completed the form.

Bear-Proofing Your Home or Business
Learn how to keep bears out of your home and get rid of attractants, including taking down bird feeders while bears are active​.

Building a Secure Beehive Enclosure (pdf)
Instructions and tips for building a bear-resistant beehive enclosure.

Electric Fencing Guide
Information from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website