Free Bear Straps

We offer free Bear straps to retrofit your existing trashcan into a bear-resistant one!

We will retrofit your existing trash cans with bear resistant straps or we can send you a kit to do it yourself.

*Disclaimer:  Before installation please contact your refuse hauler, as additional fees may apply.

Retro-fitting trashcans with our straps are great deterrent for bears. The straps are designed to slow down the bear, so he will move on and out of your neighborhood. Our straps work to keep critters, like raccoons out of your garbage too!

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC) has tested the 4-Strap Design and have approved as it features on their website.

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How to retrofit bear resistant straps to your existing can. For retrofitting instructions:

Remember: A Bear resistant trash can is only as good as people locking it.

Guide to Installation

Here is the top of a typical trash can.

Notice the placement of the bear straps. (4 total: 1 on each side and 2 on the front)

It is important to start by attaching the straps on the sides of the trash can.
Notice that the short side of the strap mounts to the top/lid of the trash can and that the longer side of the strap is secured to the bottom part of the trash can.

Once you determine the proper location for the side straps, use a pen or another tool (awl) to mark the placement of the short strap on the lid.

Attach washers and locking-nut (included) to secure the short strap on the lid.

Don’t rush this next step…

Clip the straps together, and then use a pen or another tool (awl) to determine the location to mount the long strap to the bottom of the trash can. You will need to stretch the strap downward to get a tight fit.

Remember, the strap needs to be tight enough not to allow a bear to insert its claws between the lid and base of the trash can, but not too tight to restrict proper locking in cold weather.

Repeat the above procedure until all 4 straps are mounted onto the trash can.

Remember, mount the 2 side straps first, and then mount the 2 straps to the front of the trash can. Use the washers and locking-nut included with the straps.

Congratulations, you are part of the solution to reducing human
and bear conflicts!