Feed Birds — NOT Bears

It is easy to invite birds to your garden without attracting bears. 
Birds are attracted by natural food, shelter, water and safe nesting sites.  Native plants and flowers are proven food and shelter sources for birds.  Better still, native plants will attract more bird species to your yard and are more likely to thrive than non-natives.

Tips for Attracting Birds instead of bears

  • Remove bird feeders — both hummingbird and seed feeders
  • Grow sunflowers, cone flowers, asters and marigolds as they produce seeds that birds love
  • Plant tubular flowers, such as foxglove, petunias, and nasturtiums provide food for hummingbirds
  • Avoid pesticides — birds eat bugs
  • Plant trees and bushes for safe places to perch and nest
  • Provide other perches and nesting places such as bird houses
  • Birds look for dependable water sources, so providing them with a water feature is a sure way to attract them

Benefits of ditching your bird feeder

  • Natural habitats attract many other species to your garden — these include butterflies, other pollinators and birds that simple won’t use feeders
  • Foxes, snakes, birds of prey and neighborhood cats won’t stake out your yard looking for a snack
  • Squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons and bears won’t come looking for expensive bird seed
  • An indigenous and pollinator friendly garden will provide you with many more bird species to enjoy
  • You will be helping bears and other local wildlife stay wild