Bird Houses — Not Feeders

In the fall of 2022, we made recommendations to BSA Aspen Troop 201, as an Eagle Scout project for Boy Scouts and Cub Packs, living in Bear Prime Black bear habitats, crafting nesting boxes and bird shelters instead of putting out bird feeders from April till late November. Providing a little water, like a small pond or birdbath, will work wonders for our birds and other wildlife.

Planting beautiful and colorful tubular flowers are Mother Natures’ always-filled hummingbird feeders.

Caution: Most fruit, nut fruit-bearing trees attract bears and other wildlife. If bears are common in your area, it’s best to avoid planting them.  Install electric fencing around your fruit baring trees. Plenty of natural foods, shelter, water, and safe nesting sites can be offered to birds and pollinators. Planting small branching trees and dense bushes which provides perches and shelter from predators and will attract insects and produce seeds while also providing safe places to perch and nest. 

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