Electrified Bear-Deterrent Mat

We offer electrified bear-deterrent mats on a loaner basis (or for sale), a 2′ by 4′ on rubber matting, and about 1/2 inch thick, weighing approximately 20-30 pounds.  

Electrified mats are easy to install. You just have to put the electric wire onto the energizer (very easy, just put the rings over the posts), plug the wires into the mat and the energizer into a power outlet.

We include a “warning” sign for you to put up with the mat so that folks know it is an electrified mat and to keep pets away, especially if you place it in a public venue.  Important: if you have pets, they need to be aware of their pet getting shocked on it and possibly not wanting to go through the door or onto the deck, or wherever the mat is.  So they need to be on top of plugging it in or unplugging it.  

People fear standard electricity, but fence energizers are low-impedance style. The millisecond shock burst makes it safe (muscles do not lock from the electricity). They have taken away the heat-generating aspect of electricity, which is the damaging part (what cooks us when we get electrocuted).  So it is a highly safe system meant to hurt, not harm.  

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Bear-ier Solutions manufactures electrified mats.