Living with Bears – Brochures by CPW

Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bea​r Country Colorado is fortunate to have Linda Masterson, author of Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bear Country as one of our Bear Aware team volunteers. Please visit site​ for more information about this book and how to live responsibly in bear country. Living with Bears […]

Bear Deterrents

Irresponsible behavior endangers not just bears — the safety of humans is a factor too.  While it is well known in the Roaring Fork Valley that we provide FREE trash can straps, we thought we would cover other bear proofing methods and bear safety measures here.

Letter to the Editor – September 7, 2022

Editor: When newspapers write about bears getting into another house or residence, we don’t always know the whole story. Sadly, many homeowners and visitors are fascinated with seeing bears so close and they mistakenly think the bears are domesticated in some way.