Living with Bears – Brochures by CPW

Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bea​r Country Colorado is fortunate to have Linda Masterson, author of Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bear Country as one of our Bear Aware team volunteers. Please visit site​ for more information about this book and how to live responsibly in bear country. Living with Bears […]

Feed Birds — NOT Bears

It is easy to invite birds to your garden without attracting bears.   Birds are attracted by natural food, shelter, water and safe nesting sites.  Native plants and flowers are proven food and shelter sources for birds.  Better still, native plants will attract more bird species to your yard and are more likely to thrive than […]

Save me

Protecting lives of black bears by working on proactive measures to prevent and reduce negative bear-human conflicts. Implementing innovative ways and solutions to get the public more engaged to coexist peacefully with our beautiful black bears.