Living with Bears – Brochures by CPW

Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bea​r Country Colorado is fortunate to have Linda Masterson, author of Living with Bears: A Practical Guide to Bear Country as one of our Bear Aware team volunteers. Please visit site​ for more information about this book and how to live responsibly in bear country. Living with Bears […]

Bear Deterrents

Irresponsible behavior endangers not just bears — the safety of humans is a factor too.  While it is well known in the Roaring Fork Valley that we provide FREE trash can straps, we thought we would cover other bear proofing methods and bear safety measures here.

Bear Info Links

BearWise helps people live responsibly with black bears. BearWise® is the black bear program you can trust for sound information and smart solutions that help homeowners, businesses and communities coexist with bears. Visit to download free handouts, order BearWise materials and learn how you can help keep bears wild. The Southeastern Association of Fish and […]

Feed Birds — NOT Bears

It is easy to invite birds to your garden without attracting bears.   Birds are attracted by natural food, shelter, water and safe nesting sites.  Native plants and flowers are proven food and shelter sources for birds.  Better still, native plants will attract more bird species to your yard and are more likely to thrive than […]

Bear Poster

Download the PDF of this poster here. MAKE A DONATION

Living With Bears Handbook, by Linda Masterson

Living with Bears has been the ultimate guidebook to living smart, staying safe and sharing space with bears for more than a decade. The revised and expanded 2nd edition, Living with Bears Handbook, has been fully updated and is easier to use than ever.  

One of Us, by Barrie K Gilbert

ONE OF US, A Biologist’s Walk Among Bears Barrie Gilbert’s fascination with grizzly bears almost got him killed in Yellowstone National Park. He recovered, returned to fieldwork and devoted the next several decades to understanding and protecting these often-maligned giants. 

Free Bear Straps

We offer free Bear straps to retrofit your existing trashcan into a bear-resistant one! We will retrofit your existing trash cans with bear resistant straps or we can send you a kit to do it yourself.

Town of Snowmass Village – Wildlife Protection Plan

Chapter 7, Article VI – Ordinance 99-04 In effect annually from April 15 – November 15 Wildlife Protection Sec. 7-151. Definitions. (1) Wildlife means any medium to large size non-domestic mammal indigenous to the Town of Snowmass Village including but not limited to, black bear, mule deer, elk, raccoon, coyote, beaver, skunk, badger, bobcat, mountain […]