Our Board

Daniela Kohl


Daniela Kohl founded Roaring Fork Bears in 2019. Her love and support for bears comes from her childhood growing up in Switzerland & France where she enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing and Nordic ski skating, biathlon and target shooting. There were not too many bears but the occasional European Syrian brown bear was spotted in the Alps between Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.

In 2014, Daniela became deeply involved in rescuing a tiny grizzly bear cub from a roadside zoo used for photo ops and pay-to-play sessions in South Florida. This was the beginning of her hands-on involvement with bears and when she started actively working with a Florida bear protection advocacy group. She experienced the positive impact that raising awareness and retrofitting trash cans could have on reducing human-bear conflicts. These successes were a major influence on starting her own bear protection grassroots movement desperately needed in the Roaring Fork Valley, Glenwood Springs and the City of Aspen where bear conflicts were increasing due to urban sprawl and outdoor recreational activities.

Perry Will


Perry Will comes from a farming and ranching family in Southeast Colorado. In 7th grade he was inspired by a book about wildlife management, earning a college degree in wildlife biology. He worked as a game warden for over forty years. Public service was also important to him and he is now the ranking member of the Energy and Environment committee in the Colorado Legislature, where he is a champion for rural Colorado in an urban dominated organization, representing western slope values and way of life working to protect our future and our children’s future by focusing on our heritage.

Frosty Merriott


Frosty and his wife Carly have moved to the Valley in early 1998. He maintains his CPA office in River Valley Ranch. He term limited after 10 years as a Carbondale Town Trustee and also served 4 years on Planning and Zoning. Frosty currently serves on the Environmental Board and the Chamber Ex Board in an effort to give back and stay involved in our community.  He was named an Everyday Hero by the Colorado Chapter of CPAs for the work he did on the Wildlife Crossings Zones Bill a decade ago which along with CDOT and DOW to get the fencing initiative started. Frosty is fond of saying he will always give wildlife a seat at the table and considers wildlife as one of our most valuable assets.

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