D-Straps deter bears by retrofitting trashcans and are a great first step toward convincing bears to move along. These straps are designed to discourage bears by denying easy access to food. This reduces the likelihood of bears becoming habituated and increases the likelihood they will move on in search of natural foods. Bear straps are effective at deterring other critters including Raccoons, Possums, Coyotes, Foxes, Magpies, Ravens, and Crows.

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  • Bear Deterrent trashcan straps
  • Limit easy access to your trash by all wildlife
  • 4 strap design
  • Easy to install
  • Helps save Bears
Weight0.5 kg


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Please consider getting a Bear Resistant Container.

That time we sent bear straps to Montana ...

Andrea Baratte, from Bozeman, MT is a Guide Yellowstone Adventure Tours, and he had a bit of a bear problem. He contacted us and we sent him our straps. The videos below are the results. 

Spoiler alert!  The bear straps won!